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8 и 9 ноября 2018

BBM’s 150M+ users Oracle to Postgres migration without downtimeБазы данных и системы хранения

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Álvaro Hernandez

Álvaro is a passionate database and software developer. He has been an almost exclusive user of PostgreSQL, as THE database, for more than 15 years. Founder of OnGres, he is dedicated to R&D in databases. Álvaro founded ToroDB, previously the “Billion Tables Project” and keeps working on innovative open source solutions for databases, specially PostgreSQL. On his free time he also contributes to open source and PostgreSQL, like SCRAM's support in PostgreSQL's JDBC driver.

He is a frequent speaker at PostgreSQL, database and Java conferences. Álvaro created the Spanish PostgreSQL user group, one of the largest in the world, with 800+ members.


BBM (the Black Berry Messenger) is one of the largest chat and voice/video applications in the world, with more than 150M users. And it was running on on-premise Oracle. We helped them migrate to PostgreSQL running on GCP with real-time replication and near-zero downtime.

This talk is a use case and a detailed description of the process, caveats, techniques, technologies and best practices to migrate Oracle to PostgreSQL effectively without downtime.

Oracle to PostgreSQL migrations are the new hot topic in the database industry. However, they are quite involved process, with many caveats, and deep expertise required. Join this talk to get an overview of how it was performed on a mission critical, high-profile use case.

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