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8 и 9 ноября 2018

Metrics! Metrics! Metrics!DevOps и эксплуатация

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David O'Brien

David recently started his own company (XIRUS https://xirus.com.au ) focusing on mainly Microsoft stacks in the cloud, training individuals and companies in all things Microsoft Azure and Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS), and also still doing hands-on consulting and infracoding. He has held a Microsoft MVP award for 5 years and lately got awarded MVP for Azure. A co-organiser of the Melbourne Microsoft Cloud and Datacentre meetup he also regularly speaks at international conferences and combines his interest to travel the world with his passion to share IT stories with the community. David's blog can be found on https://david-obrien.net . In addition to blogging he has also published online training courses on Pluralsight.


Metrics are important to understand what is happening in your environment and the health of your application. Microsoft Azure has a powerful and easy way of surfacing metrics for all kinds of workloads and we will see how we can leverage all of them.

3AM, on a Sunday, you should be asleep, but instead you are woken up by a text claiming that “the super-critical app is timing out again”. What is happening? Where is it slow? Why is it slow? In this session we will discover the services that Microsoft Azure offers to customers to collect logs and specifically metrics of our cloud workloads. We will understand what metrics we should be interested in when running on a cloud platform and how to get to those metrics. We will learn about open-source tools and will definitely build some nice dashboards. In the end attendees will have the knowledge to start building their own metrics dashboards and next time they are woken up at 3AM they will be able to quickly understand what is happening.

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