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8 и 9 ноября 2018

Optimizing Kubernetes Resource Requests/Limits for Cost-Efficiency and LatencyDevOps и эксплуатация

Доклад принят в программу конференции
Henning Jacobs
Zalando SE

Henning joined Zalando in the beginning of 2010 and accompanied the transformation of Zalando’s technology department through the eras of PHP/MySQL and Java/PostgreSQL to the new world of "Radical Agility". He helped building the AWS/STUPS cloud infrastructure to make innovation scale across autonomous teams. Henning is currently responsible for the developer journey at Zalando. His five teams help streamline the developer experience by providing a cloud-native application runtime to 200+ engineering teams.


Kubernetes has the concept of resource requests and limits. Pods get scheduled on the nodes based on their requests and optionally limited in how much of the resource they can consume. Understanding and optimizing resource requests/limits is crucial both for reducing resource "slack" and ensuring application performance/low-latency. This talk shows our approach to monitoring and optimizing Kubernetes resources for 80+ clusters to achieve cost-efficiency and reducing impact for latency-critical applications. All shown tools are Open Source and can be applied to most Kubernetes deployments.

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