MongoDB vs. Postgres Benchmarks Базы данных и системы хранения

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Alvaro Hernandez

Álvaro Hernández is a passionate database and software developer. He founded and works as the Founder & CEO of OnGres ( He has been dedicated to PostgreSQL and R&D in databases for two decades.

An open source advocate and developer at heart, Álvaro is a well-known member of the PostgreSQL Community, to which he has contributed founding the non-profit Fundación PostgreSQL ( and the Spanish PostgreSQL User Group.

You can find him frequently speaking at PostgreSQL, database, cloud, and Java conferences. Every year, Álvaro travels approximately three-four times around the globe to speak at conferences —until 2020.

AWS Data Hero (2019).


Benchmarking is hard. Benchmarking databases, harder. Benchmarking databases that follow different approaches (relational vs document) is even harder.

But the market demands these kinds of benchmarks. Despite the different data models that MongoDB and PostgreSQL expose, many organizations face the challenge of picking either technology. And performance is arguably the main deciding factor.

Join this talk to discover the numbers! After $30K spent on public cloud and months of testing, there are many different scenarios to analyze. Benchmarks on three distinct categories have been performed: OLTP, OLAP and comparing MongoDB 4.0 transaction performance with PostgreSQL's.

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