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Jose Cores Finotto

Staff Engineer at Gitlab for the Infrastructure department, leading efforts for the implementations of solutions and integrations between all the Gitlab infrastructure ecosystem, mainly in projects principally focused on the database aspect. With more than 18 years of experience in management, development and database administration, Jose is really interested in automation, and improvement of processes. Our actual goals are to move the administration of relational databases to the next level (auto failovers, automatic tuning suggestions...).


We will talk about the change of HA solution on, that we executed in partnership with Ongres, we moved from REPMGR to Patroni solution. We have a large setup for thousands of customers that use our solution, now we have a total functional automated setup with over 25.000.000 git pull operations a day, and over 3000 requisitions per second. The project happened 6 months ago and we have a nice use case to present and really interesting numbers.

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