The full chain load test in AliExpress Russia

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QA specialists.


AliExpress Russia is the largest online platform in Russia and CIS countries for selling consumer goods from Russia, China, Turkey, Italy, and many other countries. Every day more than 8.8 million users visit our website and App and choose the best among more than 2 billion goods. We have 600 developers in our team, and inside — the latest tools and the power of Chinese systems, several thousand of servers, modern microservice architecture, and advanced development processes.

Hu Junyuan

AliExpress Russia

Joined Alibaba Group in 2009, focus on the quality assurance of e-commerce for more than 13 years.
Since 2015, responsible for the load test of AliExpress website. The pioneer of full chain load test in AliExpress.
Since 2017, responsible for the QA team of AliExpress Russia, bulit the tech guarantee/stability guarantee system for 11.11 campaigns in AliExpress Russia.
In 2020, built the quality assurance system of SaaS localization, SRE of AliExpress Russia.

AliExpress Russia

AliExpress was launched in 2010. It is now present in Russia, England, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland and Portugal. Tens of millions of sellers and manufacturers from Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey and China are registered on it.