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8 и 9 ноября 2018

AWS Cost Reduction - Experiences and StrategiesEnterprise-системы

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Andrew Boag
Catalyst IT Australia

Andrew Boag is the Managing Director of Catalyst IT Australian Pty Ltd. Andrew has been involved in the IT industry for 20 years, with experience as a software developer and solutions architect. Working in the media, telcoms and IT infrastructure space. Andrew has been leading the strategic development of Catalyst IT Australia Pty Ltd for the last decade.

Andrew прожил 7 лет в Москве и свободно владеет русским языком - на данный момент читает "Герой нашего времени".


Catalyst IT Australia has been working heavily with Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure since 2010, we have built up a solid base of expertise and capability around the architecting and management of AWS-based application stacks.

As well as being AWS Partners, we are also AWS clients, with a large monthly AWS spend to support and deliver our as-a-service product offerings.

Over this time, we have had considerable exposure to the real world challenges of "bill shock" considerations that are the norm with large AWS infrastructure footprints. Cost management is critical for us as we are a managed service provider where our profitability depends on our ability to optimise our cloud infrastructure spend. We have also been engaged by some of our Enterprise clients to help provide advice on how they might optimise their AWS cost profile.

During this presentation, we'll talk about some of our experiences and learnings. And how we have been able to make meaningful impact on our AWS spend, without a reduction in the quality of platform we deliver.

Unfortunately, there is no magic wand here. But there are some useful policies and practices that will improve your spend.

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