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How to fix "built in" storage problems in Kubernetes

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We have been keeping the pulse of the storage world for 21 years and evaluate the demands of those who need primary storage in the open source world. We develop block storage solutions in this direction.

LINSTOR, a world-class SDS for persistent container storage for Kubernetes, works seamlessly with most critical and intensive business applications.

However, k8s has some "built in" problems. These;

Lack of disk localization, slow pod failover times, external storage integration difficulty and management problems.

What we build in open source, is solving all of these problems. With the help of DRBD replication and STORK we fix disk localization. HA controller decreases 60 second pod failover into less than 15 second. LINSTOR operator makes it easy to deploy & manage storage solutions in K8s. Splitting the data & management layer is making day2 operations easy. 

In the session, we'll explain all of these features technically and how they work wisely.  

After more than 10 years of system management and operations management experience, I am currently working as a solution architect. Also i’m giving my support to SODA Open Source community with being TSC and AWG member.

Thru these years, i expanded my knowledge especially in the field of multi-tennant cloud storage. After serving successfully the largest “storage as a service” solution in Turkey, I started working in LINBIT, which is developing block storage solutions for over 20 years.