Highload++ 2017 завершён!

Профессиональная конференция разработчиков высоконагруженных систем

СКОЛКОВО, Москва 7 и 8 ноября

11-я ежегодная конференция для разработчиков highload-систем, которая соберет   2 700 участников из разных регионов России и мира. Мероприятие направлено на обмен знаниями о технологиях, позволяющих одновременно обслуживать многие тысячи и миллионы пользователей.

Программа охватывает такие аспекты веб-разработок, как архитектуры крупных проектов, базы данных и системы хранения, системное администрирование, нагрузочное тестирование, эксплуатация крупных проектов и другие направления, связанные с высоконагруженными системами.


ZEVENET is born to avoid the system and IT services disruptions and to solve massive scalability, building great and simple solutions for a such complex technology.

Our mission is the networking and infrastructure optimization in order to guarantee the IT services high availability, best performance, scalability and security. Our vision is the development of high technology in order to control the applications delivery, networks and services to make easy the systems hyper-connectivity and massive scalable. Our values are the team work, the passion about what we do, excellence, transparency and innovation.

What about features?

  • Load Balancing and high availability in layers 2, 3, 4 and 7 for WAN uplinks, services, applications and data centers.
  • Support of protocols tcp, udp, sctp, sip, ftp, tftp, http, https, rdp, ssh, pop3, imap, smtp, dns, ntp, ldap, ldaps, radius, etc and applications MS Exchange, Lynx, Citrix, and more...
  • Advanced HTTP application features like session persistence, redirections, virtual hosts, on the fly decryption/encryption, SSL certificates (SNI and wildcard), cookie insertion, reverse proxy, among others.
  • Advanced health checks of servers and services.
  • Traffic scalability and distribution by weight, round robin, cpu load, memory, least connections, least response, etc.
  • Configuration backups and active-passive cluster with stateless and stateful failover support.
  • Load balancing services monitorization through SNMP, RRD graphs and email notifications.
  • Advanced network management, VLANs, virtual IPs, link aggregation, static routing and IPv6.
  • Support of dNAT (transparency) & sNAT topologies.
  • Full automation support through REST+JSON API.
  • Ready for A+ in SSL Labs and PCI compliance.
  • Intrusion prevention and detection service (IPS+IDS).
  • Optimized 64 bits operating system ready for massive scalable systems.
  • Easy web GUI and user experience with Angular2, 100% responsive.

What about performance?

We don't limit resources, get the best performance from your platform.

+5 millions of concurrent web users per sec in layer 4 per core!

+70 thousands of concurrent web users per sec in layer 7 per core!

+60 thousands of concurrent secure web users per sec in layer 7 per core!

How it looks like?

Easy to use and UX web interface to ease the management, operation and automation with a very simple REST API.

How is it supported?

Very well supported open source project with enterprise edition capabilities ready to deploy in any kind of infrastructure or platform. Supported by the developers and integration team with four different support plans to fit with any service requirements.



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