Highload++ 2017 завершён!

Профессиональная конференция разработчиков высоконагруженных систем

СКОЛКОВО, Москва 7 и 8 ноября

11-я ежегодная конференция для разработчиков highload-систем, которая соберет   2 700 участников из разных регионов России и мира. Мероприятие направлено на обмен знаниями о технологиях, позволяющих одновременно обслуживать многие тысячи и миллионы пользователей.

Программа охватывает такие аспекты веб-разработок, как архитектуры крупных проектов, базы данных и системы хранения, системное администрирование, нагрузочное тестирование, эксплуатация крупных проектов и другие направления, связанные с высоконагруженными системами.

How packagecloud.io works
DevOps и эксплуатация

Доклад принят в Программу конференции

Julio Capote is a full-stack engineer with a passion for software usability and systems monitoring. Previously at Twitter, he worked on porting the aging Rails monolith into Scala microservices. Today, he is one of the co-founders of the package management startup, packagecloud.io.


Since its inception, packagecloud has evolved to meet the growing needs of its users. The idea behind the service is simple: Upload your packages and all the necessary information is automatically extracted and the required repository metadata is atomically generated and cryptographically signed behind the scenes for consumption by the appropriate package managers.

This talk aims to explore the technical choices that were made in order to scale the application to meet user demand while still providing this rich experience across all the package types we support.

The talk will start with a high-level overview of what proper package management means and the benefits it brings to your infrastructure. Then we'll dive into our multi-layer architecture and how all of the separate layers are monitored and designed with fault-tolerance in mind. We'll conclude by sharing some lessons we learned on our journey that will hopefully be helpful to anyone building and scaling a cloud-based software startup.

Some technologies referenced in this talk include: NGINX, Unicorn/Rainbows, Rails/Ruby, Amazon Web Services (S3 and Key Management Service), Syslog, Collectd, and GPG.

Технологии виртуализации и контейнеризации
Управление конфигурацией
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DevOps и эксплуатация

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