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Профессиональная конференция разработчиков высоконагруженных систем

2 и 3 ноября 2015 Крокус-Экспо МОСКВА
Профессиональная конференция разработчиков высоконагруженных систем

Understanding Page Load
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Ziling Zhao is a software engineer at Google working on the web frontend team at YouTube. Before YouTube, he worked on development operations/site reliability at Google on a small photo editing team called Picnik. Prior to Google he was a software engineer at Cisco. At YouTube he worked on the search frontend, the desktop website, the mobile website, and the Make YouTube Fast initiative. He specializes in depth analysis of our timing data, profiling, analysis, and browser performance.

Ziling obtained his Bachelor in Computer Engineering at The University of Washington.


Large websites with large customer bases should have fast page loads no matter where your customers are coming from. In this day and age speed is expected. Getting there requires engineers to both have data and the ability to analyze and find problems.

This talk will address page load speed in two parts. A "cold" load where a user first comes to your site and a "warm" load which deals with intra-site page load speed. We will dive into the details of each page load and what is really going on. From network optimization to browser render performance, all things matter when it comes to optimizing the load of your web page. Furthermore, we will look into some tools that can be used to analyze and help developers discover and address problems.

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