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IPONWEB is an AI, Data & Engineering Company

We are global leaders in programmatic and real-time advertising technology and infrastructure. Privately owned, totally independent and sitting behind the scenes, we are those people crunching numbers, designing algorithms, and writing code for some of the most advanced ad systems in the world. Our passion is for solving the complex computational questions around probability, data processing, and scale – all of which just happen to be prevalent in online advertising.


Pioneers in applying machine learning to solving digital advertising’s biggest challenges, we offer world-leading technology solutions for building and operating scalable, algorithmically complex media trading systems for innovative companies across the advertising spectrum.

We’re early innovators, relentless technologists, and strategic and consultative partners to our clients. We provide the technology, infrastructure and intelligence behind many of the worlds smartest companies in internet advertising.

Technology stack:

Backend: Lua, Python, Java, Scala, Go

Front-end: JavaScript & Angular

Databases: MongoDB

AI: Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning


Founded in the UK, IPONWEB is a truly global organization with more than 400 employees located in offices across North America, Europe and Asia; with engineering centers in Moscow & Berlin.

Our company is founded on principles of scientific achievement, problem solving, mathematical abstraction & engineering at scale – qualities that extend across all of our technologists and staff. We have an intellectual obsession with technological excellence, algorithmic performance, ‘whole of internet’ scale processing, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in advertising.


‘To build the best media-trading technology and infrastructure solutions on the planet for our partners’.



With staff located in London, Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney, the United States and clients in more than 20 countries – IPONWEB is very much a global company, embracing everything that is the virtual office environment. Join our team! We’re looking for talents! More active vacancies you can find here


Contact us jobs@iponweb.net