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Профессиональная конференция разработчиков высоконагруженных систем

2 и 3 ноября 2015 Крокус-Экспо МОСКВА
Профессиональная конференция разработчиков высоконагруженных систем

Developing Software for Persistent Memory

Доклад принят в Программу конференции

Dr. Thomas Willhalm is a Sr. Application Engineer at Intel who consults independent software vendors in optimizing their software for Intel architecture for more than 10 years. His area of expertise are enterprise applications and data bases with a focus on SIMD and next-gen NVM solutions.


NVDIMMs provide applications the ability to access in-memory data that will survive reboots. This is a huge paradigm shift happening in the industry. Intel has announced new instructions to support persistence. In this presentation, we educate developers on how to take advantage of this new kind of persistent memory tier. Using simple practical examples [3] [4], we discuss how to identify which data structures that are suited for this new memory tier, and which data structures are not. We provide developers a systematic methodology to identify how their applications can be architected to take advantage of persistence in the memory tier. Furthermore, we will provide basic programming examples for persistent memory and present common pitfalls.

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